Real reason we suspended girl in sex video with classmate – Chrisland School

Real reason we suspended girl in sex video with classmate – Chrisland School

Chrisland School has revealed why it suspended a 10-year-old girl pupil accused of being molested and raped by her classmates.

The school further emphasized the action taken to address the problem in a statement dated 14 April 2022 and signed by Chrisland School Head Teacher, Mrs G.I. Azike, as it firmly claimed that the student’s activity was a ‘truth and dare’ game.

“It was discovered that your daughter was involved in improper behavior during the recently concluded World School Games in Dubai with a few of her counterparts willfully participated in a game they called Truth or Dare’, a game which led her and a few other co-learners to carry out an immoral act after the lights-out instruction was given,” the statement, titled, Indefinite suspension of…(the female student), said in part.

“In keeping with our basic beliefs of discipline, Chrisland Schools has a zero tolerance policy for any inappropriate behavior or misbehavior.” A thorough investigation was conducted, and the parents of all responsible students were informed of the appropriate penalty meted out to the students.

“However, in the course of the school’s efforts to explore how we can best help…who was a significant participant in the entire event, every effort to alert you as her parents about the incident and guarantee that this wrong behavior is permanently addressed has proven ineffective.”

“As a school, we cannot condone such behavior.” As a result, (the student) is thus suspended indefinitely until you, the parents, guarantee that she is disciplined, thoroughly counseled, and rehabilitated.”

This comes after the Chrisland School was chastised on social media for attempting to cover up an event involving a female student who was taken turns on by a number of male classmates.

Meanwhile, the Lagos State Government has closed the school following an alleged sexual violence case involving its students in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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