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Hello We Asking for Help Donate To Tgpbaze

We’ll go right to the point: visitors have always grumbled and kicked against us for employing pop-up advertisements, which we are well aware are invasive, but it’s our sole source of cash and we need to keep the wheels turning.

As a result, we’ve decided to explore crowdsourcing. We are now hoping to earn funds via contributions from our valued visitors in order to keep up with the upkeep of our website, which includes YOU.

So, in response, we’ve had several requests to discontinue utilizing it on our site, which we do, and it’s seriously impacting our inflow because we need to keep the site functioning.

With that said, we decided to try crowdsourcing from our users, which includes YOU, yes YOU, reading this.

Please use the link below to make an online donation to Tgpbaze. We’ll be eternally grateful. Thanks!

  • Bitcoin:  3BEbXjXwQuZ4gt2oEZVCPToikpodfv6Z6R
  • Ethereum:  0x353eA598B0325499295311dEAe2dE2F39EaFe76D

For Other Donation methods kindly send us a message on WhatsApp at +2349016856425. Thank You