2023: I won’t be regional President, Buhari has killed Nigeria – Bala Mohammed

2023: I won’t be regional President, Buhari has killed Nigeria – Bala Mohammed

2023: I won’t be regional President, Buhari has killed Nigeria – Bala Mohammed

Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State has stated that if elected, he will lead an all-inclusive government rather than a regional one, in contrast to Muhammadu Buhari and the APC-led presidency.

Mohammed, a former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), is a leading candidate for President of Nigeria in the Peoples Democratic Party, Nigeria’s main opposition party (PDP).

In a speech to his former colleagues, the PDP Ministers, in Abuja on Tuesday night, Gov. Mohammed accused the APC government of dividing the country along regional and tribal lines, describing the Buhari-led presidency as “regional” and nepotistic.

“The nation is in shambles,” he said. Under the APC, Nigeria is no longer there. The country is too fractured. What is causing the country’s schism? We must reduce the hostility. Everything has been destroyed by APC. It’s all about nepotism.”

“We are detribalized as Democrats,” the former lawmaker added. We cannot be a regionalized government,” he said, urging his former colleagues to help him form a government that would work for all Nigerians, regardless of region, religion, or social status.

He vowed to bring the APC administration’s current borrowing profile to heel, claiming that the Buhari administration was afraid of accountability and was “promoting name-calling in the name of investigation that is selfish and unproductive.”

“By working together in this effort, you will help make Nigeria great again.” We are not going to take APC for granted. They are planning various intimidations, but we will not back down,” Mohammed told the PDP Ministers’ Forum, while pledging his loyalty to the party and stating that he would not abandon it.

“There are people with good ideas to help administer and govern this nation,” Mohammed said of building the nation through human capital development. We are no longer reliant on human capital. We will run a knowledge-driven administration in my administration as President of Nigeria.”

In his reaction, Forum Chairman Hon. Tanimu Turaki (SAN) described Mohammed as “one of the forces to lead the restoration of the PDP and a pace setter.”

He described Gov. Mohammed as a successful politician with a track record of outstanding performance.

Mrs. Olajumoke Akinjide, former Minister of State for FCT, echoed the same sentiment about the need to run an inclusive government in Nigeria, describing Mohammed as a “loyal friend and good human being.”

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